Want Jared Leto’s Hair Wave? Yeah, We All Do! Here’s How…

It is weird that a man may have had the best hair at the Oscars? Jared Leto, 42, captivated us all at the Oscars on March 2nd. Jared’s long, gorgeous hair had everyone talking… I mean everyone!!



  1. First prep wet hair with a waves primer spray, applying it throughout the hair to enhance your natural wave
  2. Then apply a pomade to the tips of the hair, providing a flexible hold and soft, glossy curl definition
  3. Create the desired part and let hair air-dry
  4. The next day, spray dry shampoo to the roots to refresh your second day hair
  5. Then spray shine spray to the ends to protect hair from heat before straightening it
  6. Take several sections of hair and straighten for a smooth look

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