VIDEO: Watch Ellen Spoof Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commerical

During Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 56-year-old comedienne shared a hilarious spoof of one of Matthew McConaughey’s oh-so-serious Lincoln car ads, and naturally, hilarity ensued as the talk show host opted to take a back seat in the Oscar-winner’s brand new MKC, cracking classic jokes and serving up side-splitting commentary.

First, DeGeneres plays the real commercial, Matthew channels his True Detective character Rust Cohle and stares down a bull whom he fondly refers to as “Ol Cyrus.”

“I have so many questions,” Ellen tells the audience after the clip is finished. “But my biggest question is I don’t know why they cut me out of it. That’s my biggest question. I was in the original version and I think it made more sense when I was in it.”

The Emmy-award winning host then proceeded to share her parody which, unsurprisingly, was full of silly puns and pot-brownie references.  “Hey, whatever you put in these brownies, I don’t know what they are, but boy they are delicious,” she quips. “Maybe we should ask him to moo-ve, moooooo-ve, mooooo-ve it along,” she says, munching away on the weed-laced treats. “Hey, if we’re in his way, maybe he should use his horns,” she jokes with a laugh.

After a few more puns (she accuses Ol’ Cyrus of sleeping, noting that he must be “bulldozing”), DeGeneres continues, mocking McConaughey’s mannerisms before telling the handsome thesp that the “guitar music is weird” at which point she switches up the radio station and begins her own personal dance party in the backseat to Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”

The two then ride off into the distance as Ellen shouts, “Pass me another brownie!”



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