Men’s Top 5 Make-Up Turnoffs

Christina tops my list of “Clown-Like Celebrities”. She either has no mirrors, no common-sense or a really stinky makeup artist.

Here are the top five turnoffs, Christina naturally hitting all five points!

Eyeliner Overload The raccoon-eye makeup look à la Taylor Momsen is a big turnoff. All that eye shadow and eyeliner makes it look like you don’t know how to apply makeup, like a little girl.

Foundation & Blush Overload When a girl wears a ton of foundation and stops the line at the jaw… well.. that says it all.

Cat Woman Nails Men really dislike super-long, pointy nails. They look so unnatural and cat-like. When you tap them when you get impatient, that makes it worse.

Sticky Kisses Men aren’t super fans of sticky lip gloss. When you kiss it feels like you’ve got honey smeared on your lips. Plus, they don’t want to wear her lip gloss after you kiss.

Snooki Look-Alike Unless your name is Snooki and you’re a TV start on the set of Jersey Shore, I’d say that the cone-head look is not for anyone who’d like to feel or be attractive to the opposite sex. Just look in the mirror Snooki!

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