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What skin secrets do beautiful, sexy women like Kim Kardashian have that we don’t? Do actresses have naturally flawless and clear skin? Doubtful…

Here are some of the top beauty secrets your mom failed to tell you when you were younger!

  1. Limit Sun Exposure Actresses and models strut their beautiful bodies on exotic beaches, but they average their sunscreen SPF at around 60…  Sun damages the skin causing it to age much faster than normal We should always get daily exposure to Vitamin D, but sould limit to 15-20 minutes a day.
  2. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize Do not underestimate the importance of your daily skin routine. It is never too late to start a Maintenance Routine. Prevention of skin damage is better than expensive and often painful surgical procedures!
  3. Glow From Inside Out Its not only what you put ON your skin that counts. A healthy, balanced diet ensures radiant skin from the inside out. Daily fruits, vegetables and a handful of nuts are a real treat to a trim and glowing body.
  4. Avoid Bad Habits Smokers and alcoholics are not very renowned for their beautiful skin… and for an obvious reason: they cause major damage inside and out. We never see Kim smoking. Wonder why?!
  5. Daily Exercise Every organ in your body is affected to some degree by aging, stress, and the introduction of unwelcome substances. Exercise, however, has been shown to slow, stop or even reverse many of the signs of these conditions. Exercise helps to flush toxins out of your skin, removing both the layer of film and the foreign particles that trigger the immune response and sometimes lead to inflammation.

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    What i like about Kim Kardashian is her face and body. –

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