Beauty Tips for Spring

Spring is here!! It’s time to start adjusting your beauty routines for the changes in the weather. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your through Spring 2011!

Eyes Eyes are the windows to the soul. This spring, start using waterproof eye makeup— nothing’s worse than melted, raccoon eyes on a beautiful spring day— and tidy up your brows to make your eyes appear bright and open.

Cheeks Spring is a time to look effortlessly natural, and cream blush is both effortless and natural-looking. It’s applies easily with your fingers, and it absorbs into your skin giving you a sheer tint.

Lips A bright lip is one of the biggest trends this season. Hot pinks, oranges and reds took over the spring runways— the bolder the better.

Nails Spring’s nail polish trends range from barely there to over-the-top. For a chic neutral look, wear polishes in peach or nude hues, or be adventurous by sporting lavender, robin’s egg blue or gunmetal.

Hair You can get away with almost any style this spring. One common trend is the ponytail, no matter how you wear it, high and teased, braided and woven, or sleek and smooth, you’re bound to look as if you jus stepped off the runway.

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