Spa Review: Spa Diva Montreal (UPDATED)

Since the last review (below) of Spa Diva in December of 2011, I have been a very regular customer of Spa Diva. Without fail, Liloue is still my go-to massotherapist.

Notwithstanding Liloue’s superb massages, Spa Diva has repeatedly failed in delivering a full scale high-end spa treatment. My standards cannot be that high…. let me explain.

Strike 1: The Spa has been under renovation for the past five months, though they are only renovating a small portion of their entrance.

Strike 2: Two of my last three visits were quite ruined due to a very uncomfortable head piece on one of their tables. I mentioned this experience after the first visit. I complained after the second visit. I even received a call from a manager that I’m guessing just wanted to confirm that this was indeed a complaint – otherwise there was no point to the phone call. Tonight, I asked if the headpiece was fixed. The manager, who was manning the reception desk, explained to me that they were not able to purchase the piece for the table, and would set me up in a different room… meaning what? That every other person that went on that specific table had to keep enduring the same discomfort?!

Strike 3: How wonderful is it to begin a one-week vacation with a massage? Enormous, right?! How quickly can you ruin a GLORIOUS 90-minute massage? Ask the 1-manned person at reception who had five people waiting in line to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a “high-end spa experience”… yes 15 minutes… that’s how long it takes (without so much as an apology!!). EPIC FAIL!

Yes, you may all think that I am a whiny and miserable person for writing this – but damn me if my calmness dissippated after Liloue’s magic. She can only do so much, people!

I’m going back to Ovarium; I hope I can convince Liloue too…

New PinkRay Rating: C-

Montreal is renown for its brilliant variety of spas, in every area of town there is at least one top-notch location that gives the word “massage” its true and definite meaning. Today I experienced this massage, with one of the best massotherapists I have ever encountered.

Spa Diva is in the heart of downtown Montreal – location-wise, they have one of the sweetest spots in the city, accessible by car, metro and bus alike. Located on the 4th floor of Les Cours Mont Royal shopping centre (Peel metro station), the ambiance of the building will amaze you. Suggestion: take some time before or after your visit to appreciate the variety of stores, there are many unique and independent sellers that have merchandise that you won’t see anywhere else.

Everyone who reserves a session for body treatment (massage, body exfoliation, etc) will be given a private room; where you have access to a shower, sink, water bottle, shower accessories, slippers (which you can keep), an electronic safe and a gigantic, warm bath robe. Once you’ve undressed and are ready, you’ll have access to the main waiting area (pictured) where you will be serviced with a variety of water, tea and fancy desserts. Your therapist will come gather you when its time for your appointment. If you want to relax and enjoy a hot beverage, go to your appointment at least 1/2hr in advance.

Although the facilities are top-notch, my massotherapist was the epitome of my visit (rightfully so). I consider Liloue as one of my top 3 massotherapists… Given that I have more than 17 years of massotherapy experience, to me, that’s worth something.

This is not my first time at Spa Diva, this is actually my third visit for massage – although I rated the first two visits as above-average visits, this last visit blew my rating of Spa Diva out of the water…

Pink Ray’s Review: A+

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