Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Wrinkles

What causes wrinkles? Genes that we inherit will cause natural aging. Our skin starts losing elastic fibers within it as we age. Wrinkles demonstrate a slow and gradual loss of thickness starting with epidermis and flattening of the epidermodermal junction, which is natural. Principal external factors that cause aging are Ultra-Violet rays in the sunlight. A single exposure can cause damage to the skin. It expresses certain proteins in the connective tissue of the skin and the outer skin layers. If the skin is exposed to UV rays several times the person will get wrinkled skin. There are other moderate to minor factors like smoking, repetitive facial expressions, gravity and sleeping positions.

How to regain the elastic fibers in the skin? Few studies have proved that Retinoic acid can do the trick. It helps to improve the appearance of photo-aged skin after application of tretinoin. It restores the procollagen to the levels of the skin that was never exposed to the sun.

How to get rid of wrinkles? Given that the causes of wrinkles are identified, controlling them is simple. Avoiding sun exposure and quitting smoking are the top things to do to protect your skin. It may not sound very practical but there are measures that you can take to reduce your sun exposure.

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Sleep posture: If the facial skin is pressed against the pillow, a few sleep lines develop on the side. Over years, these develop into wrinkles. Hence some dermatologists advise people to sleep on their back to avoid these wrinkles.

Facial exercises: Facial exercises should be avoided  to stop skin from wrinkling. Every time you put on an expression a groove is formed underneath the skin and fine lines appear on the facial skin. As we age and lose the facial skin elasticity the skin will not spring back to its position after the facial expression and thus wrinkles become evident.

Smoking: Smoking will release some biochemicals that cause premature aging of facial skin. The problem worsens if a person smokes more than 10 cigarettes a day and more than 10 years. Modern day dermatologists have started using Botox injections and fillers to repair the damaged skin and make the skin look wrinkle free. This is something that you can spend for if you are heading towards a beauty pageant post 40!


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