Product Review: Arbonne Sea Source Detox Spa Sea Mud Face & Body Mask

I was invited to an Arbonne gathering a few weeks back, was interested in their sales pitch: everything is natural. The Arbonne line is vast and extreme, the gathering and information session lasted less than an hour, and the pitch was forceful: their products are all natural, no preservatives, no fillers, no junk.

Being a naturally apprehensive person, I was not totally sold, but wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. I bought products that I required at that moment in time. Since product pricing had on average 20-50% markup from the usual name brands I normally buy, I opted on only three items from Arbonne’s many product lines.

I was eager to try the Face Mask as it was widely and very intimately spoken of at the gathering. More than one person remarked on the pleasures of the product and caught my attention. I love masks, both the DIY and the brand name. So here is my review of the infamous Arbonne Sea Source Detox Spa Face & Body Mask.

Size: its a large bottle, comes in 236ml tube. Typically, masks come in smaller-size bottles because the product runs the tendancy of becoming dry with age. Arbonne opted with a large bottle, giving the opportunity to use on the body, so definitely use it on the body. Or else its garbage in a year’s time.

Texture: the mask is the color of rotting seaweed-green, a fright for any person (especially a man) who has to see you in this mask. The smell is forceful and stays throughout the time its applied – smells like medicinal ointment. The texture is smooth but concentrated, needs to be applied carefully and evenly. It dries within 5-7 minutes depending on the thickness of the application.

Finishing touch: warm water removes the mask nicely, though a facecloth will remove all the remains of the green tint. Warning: the sink will be dirty-green when done. Finish with a toner and a touch of light moisturizer.

My review: the initial contact was not good, my face exploded with tingling, and kept going until the mask started to dry. Once removed, there left a red stain where the mask was, and lasted a good half hour. My face felt tight, and fresh, but the redness was concerning. The product was very powerful. The next day, I got a pimple (FYI Its been five years since I saw my last pimple) I was not happy.

I tried it again two weeks after the first try. Exact same results – including a fresh, brand new pimple! Pinkray is definitely NOT happy.

Pros: Texture
Cons: Color, smell, feel, size, result & price

PinkRay Rating: D


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  1. emma says:

    Sorry to hear that you are not a fan of the mudmask. It is a mask that draws out impurities. The tingling sensation is completely normal. I myself love it and use it once a week

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