Kill the Pain with Your Brain

Recently released studies have shown meditation¬†to be a powerful took against pain. Meditation can deliver powerful pain-relieving effects to the brain with even just 80 minutes’ training for a beginner, called “Focused Attention”.¬† Focused attention is a form of mindfulness meditation where people are taught to concentrate on breathing and let go of distracting thoughts and emotions.

This new study shows that meditation can dramatically reduce both the experience of pain, and pain-related brain activation. The study was released by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The study says that meditation produced a greater reduction in pain than even morphine or other pain-relieving drugs. One of the reasons that meditation may be so effective in blocking pain was that it does not work at just one place in the brain, but instead reduces pain at multiple levels of processing. The technique appears to work as it calms down pain experiencing areas of the brain while at the same time boosting coping areas.

Dr .Zeidan and colleagues believe that meditation has great potential for clinical use because so little training was required to produce such dramatic pain-relieving effects.

“This study shows that meditation produces real effects in the brain and can provide an effective way for people to substantially reduce their pain without medications,” Dr. Zeidan said.

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