Want to Lose Weight? Get More Sleep!

With lack of approproate sleep, the body experiences physiological stress that causes our bodies to react and store fat which slows down our metabolism. Managing sleep and stress levels can help in the battle against obesity. People getting too little or too much sleep are less likely to lose weight. Lower stress levels also predicted greater weight loss.

A typical doctor’s recomendation would be: “eat less, move more and sleep well”. That stigma would be for the exact reason that proves true! Getting enough shut-eye each night is vital for our overall mental and physical health.

People with lower stress levels lose more weight. If you’re stressed, then you’re less likely to behave, you’ll sit at home feeling sorry for yourself, probably eating a chocolate bar. If your stress levels are high you won’t be able to focus on making behavioral changes. And if you can’t focus on behavioral changes, how are you suppose to work on a diet and fitness plan?

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