Eliminiate Fruit Flies

Here’s a simple and handy technique to trapping and eliminating those pesky fruit flies from your house:

  • Using a medium-sized ziplock bag, place any sliced fruit or vegetable in the zip-lock bag (slice of banana, etc)
  • Place the “trap” on top of your kitchen counter overnight, keeping it partially opened
  • By morning you will see all, or a big majority, of the fruit flies inside the bag!
  • Seal the zip-lock slowly and discretely so as not to disturb the hungry little guys and discard it immediately.
  • Spray your house-hold plants with soapy water, that will eliminate any remaining pests, and will not affect the life of your plants.
  • Keep your kitchen counters and sink as clean as possible. Also refrigerate or store any foods that you would usually keep out.


Here are a few little “fun” facts about fruit flies you should definitely be aware of:

  • There are over 500 species of fruit flies, mostly through mutation
  • Their lifespan lasts between one week and 30 days
  • They often lay their eggs in ripened or rotten food, fermenting sugar material and, more-likely, the garbage bin.
  • They can lay up to 400 eggs at any given time.
  • They are not healty little things, and can bring disease into your home.

Any other tips or facts you’re aware of? Please share with us!!

Pink Ray

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  1. Zia Fay says:

    What a good idea, I never thought of doing it. Will try when I see those little buggers are around my kitchen.

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