Hollywood Drama: Celebrities Pick Sides Over Bieber/Orlando Fight – Most Voting with #TeamOrlando

Orlando Bloom, 37, and Justin Bieber‘s longstanding feud has finally come to a head. While Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, 31, was still married to Orlando in October 2012, she was spotted flirting with the Biebs, and the two reportedly even exchanged dirty texts!  Things finally came to a boil between the two heart throbs on July 29, when they got into a tussle at Cipriani in Ibiza, complete with an alleged punch thrown by Orlando himself.

When it comes to Justin vs Orlando, it’s not just the Beliebers who are picking sides. Following Bloom’s very public spat with the young pop star on Tuesday night, Alyssa Milano showed her allegiance on Wednesday. ‘#TeamOrlando,’ the 41-year-old Who’s The Boss star tweeted to her more than two million followers on Twitter. The serial tweeter echoed the sentiments of many celebrities who publicly lodged themselves firmly in the camp of the 37-year-old Lord of The Rings star following his dust-up on Tuesday with Bieber.


Orlando’s fellow Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan, 37, also tweeted his support for the English actor over the Canadian pop star. ‘Orlando has won infinite lad points after punching Justin Bieber last night in Ibiza. For the shire!’ Dominic tweeted to his 173,000 followers.

Stephen Amell, 33, of the CW series Arrow tweeted that Orlando didn’t try to punch his fellow Canadian. ‘It looks like he tried to flick him in the head. That’s way, WAY better,’ Stephen tweeted.

Joshua Malina of Scandal, The West Wing and Sports Night took a jab at both Orlando and Justin. ‘This Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom thing is the first time I’ve been interested in a featherweight match,’ tweeted the 48-year-old actor.

Music video and film director Joseph Kahn was ready to give Orlando savior status. ‘If Orlando Bloom beats up Justin Bieber, then Orlando Bloom is The One,’ the 41-year-old director tweeted.

Mara Wilson, 27, offered some generational perspective on the altercation. ‘Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber? My teenage crush punched this generation’s teenage crush!,’ tweeted the Matilda star.

Television host Montel Williams, 58, meanwhile tweeted that he didn’t care. ‘Stunned anyone cares Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom “fought” (or their bodyguards did) – distraction? #growup,’ Montel tweeted.

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