Spa Review: Gibson Spa (Montreal)

We’ve all been there – we know what a facial is.  Its supposed to be a beautiful, relaxing treatment filled with awesome advice and care.

Well, Gibson Spa is the opposite of what a beautiful facial treatment should be, and I’m saddened to have spent $80 on such a worthless and awful experience.

Having already been at Gibson for a massage treatment, I was well aware of the insincerity of the employees and their ambiance. They try to be very friendly and polite, when in fact their flakiness shines out more than their skin tones.

After the inital communicaton with the receptionist, I sat down only to be asked three times in a space of five minutes if I wanted water (only water), she wasn’t sure if I spoke French or English so decided to ask me all three times in both languages.

The esthetician had me waiting fifteen minutes before I had to ask the receptionist if the treatment was cancelled…another round of “Would you like some water… Vous voulez de l’eau?” ….

Finally I was on the table awaiting the highly anticipated relaxing treatment. GEEZZZ I’m a tough and rough gal, but this one was over the top. First of all, her English was not ENGLISH. Secondly, her hands were as rough as a construction worker’s. Lastly, the woman left holes in my face and left me to venture without so much as a moisturizer as protection against the ridgily freezing Montreal night weather.

PinkRay’s Evaluation: C-
(the decor was pretty, and the spa was very clean, if not tiny)

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10 Responses

  1. louisa says:

    you sound like such a miserable biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tisha says:

    Hi – i came across this review while looking up the # for Gibson Spa…..i must say that i completely disagree with your findings… I’ve been going to Gibson’s for years and what keeps me going back is the high level of service and the GENUINE caring all the staff has there for their clients… really sound like a miserable person.
    Thank you,
    T. R.
    Gibson Spa Lover!!!!!!

  3. Rosanne says:

    Not sure where you went, but I had an amazing time at Gibson Salon Spa in the QE Hotel. Everyone was very polite, the facial was very relaxing and professional and the massage was simply the best. I have been going there for over 3 years during my visits to Montreal and never once did I experience anything but excellent service.

    • Arnaldo says:

      Hi Rosanne – it was really nice to read your comments…and thanks for having our back ! we hope to see you back soon! Have a great day 🙂

      Spa Director

  4. Patty says:

    The review seems a little negative, but damn if she’s not right. Bad atmosphere over there. I’d have liked to see more compassion to english-speaking tourists. I’d say the biatch here is the woman at reception.

    • Arnaldo says:

      Hi Patty – very sorry to hear that you were not happy with your recent visit…would love to have you back….everybody deserves a second chance 🙂
      Spa Director

  5. Thank you says:

    Thank you for your Comments, i am staying at QE tomorrow. I will find a better spa.

    • Arnaldo says:

      Hello Thank you – give us a try – trust me you wont be disappointed. We have a wonderful ,caring ,experienced ,staff and we love to please our guests…
      Hopefully we will have the privilege to serve you one day 🙂

      Spa Director

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