Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal – One is NOT Permanent!

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about hair removal.  If you’re weighing both options, electrolysis vs laser hair removal, remember to always get a consultation prior to making your final decision.

Laser Treatments – Laser hair removal has become a very popular method of removing body hair.  Normally performed at a spa or dermatology clinic, laser treatments are performed using a hand-held unit or light “bar” that emits an intense light that seriously damages the hair bulb and follicle.  It’s relatively painless and can be done in under 15 minutes for a medium sized area.


  1. Less Time – Laser treatments are much less time consuming than electrolysis.  As an example, having the underarm area treated will probably take less than 10 minutes in a single visit.
  2. Pain Factor – Laser hair treatments are relatively pain free depending on where you go and who does the treatments.  If there is an discomfort involved, it’s usually very mild almost like a getting a small spot of hot cooking oil on your skin.
  3. Availability – Laser hair treatment centers are readily available.  In fact, you probably have one within 5 miles of your home and didn’t even know it!  The advantage here is that you don’t have to drive far to get to a clinic, and you can also compare services and price between multiple clinics if you live in a small city atmosphere.


  1. Number of Treatments – Laser treatments require multiple visits to get the optimal result.  Typically, it’s a minimum of 5-6 treatments, and each one costs money!
  2. Cost –  The cost associated with these treatments range from $150 per visit, to around $200.  Multiply that by the 5 or 6 treatments you’ll need and you are already near $1000 or more, plus tip!
  3. It’s Not Permanent – That’s right, laser hair removal is NOT a permanent option.  It will reduce the hair regrowth by up to 90%, but it will not completely remove the hair forever, causing you to need additional removal every 6 months to a year.


Electrolysis Treatments – Electrolysis hair removal is an older method that incorporates a different technique for damaging the hair follicle.  Using a hair-like, tiny probe, a dermatologist or physician inserts it into the actual hair follicle and delivers a tiny electrical “shock” to the hair root.  The result is permanent damage to the hair, root, and reproductive cells of the follicle itself.  It can be a tedious process as each hair is individually treated, unlike laser treatments that cover a much wider area.


  1. It’s Permanent – Unlike the laser method, Electrolysis hair removal is permanent.  In fact, it’s the only method that can be considered a permanent option for getting rid of hair for good!
  2. Cost – We listed cost as an advantage, and here’s why:  Electrolysis can require up to 25 or 30 visits for the process to be complete.  Each visit will cost around $60. After adding it all up, electrolysis is costing you just under $2000.  If you are paying around $1200 at least once/year for laser removal, it’s cheaper in the long run to go for the electrolysis since you will not need repeat treatments once the hair is removed.


  1. Time – The process of electrolysis itself is quite lengthy when compared to laser removal.  Each hair has to be treated individually, which takes time.  Visits are usually limited to under an hour, but it’s still much longer than other methods.
  2. Pain Factor – As we explained, there is a small electrical current involved with electrolysis that may cause some pain or discomfort.  It’s not unbearable, but comparably, it’s slightly more than the laser hair removal method.

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