Product Review: David’s Tea

A 20-year interest in tea led David Segal from small-local Montreal shop to dynamic and enterprising franchise Canada-wide in just two years.

My friend recommended David’s Tea when I had a sore throat, says they have the best [inexpensive] herbal teas. I’ve passed by the stores before, you can’t miss it, they’re everywhere, but never ventured… tea is expensive. So I searched the website before going into the store, and was amazed by the selection and descriptions of the tea: black, green, white, herbal, oolong… any tea you can imagine, and much more.

Off to the store. WOW, what an experience. You’re welcomed with a taste of tea-of-the-day and are ushered to the next available attendent. After describing my reason for coming to the store, she quickly goes to the canisters at her back and selects two canisters for recommendation. I walk away with both, 25g each, totaling 6.50$CAD.

Being a moderate fan of tea, I was blown away by the selection, the ambiance, the service and knowledge and most especially by the tea. My sore throat was gone in a day’s time.

I would definitely recommend a trip to David’s Tea, and try to not buy out the store.
Happy shopping!

Pink Ray

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