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10 Shampoo Secrets You Should Know About!

There are plenty of myths and theories about lathering up your locks—but now it’s time to set the record straight. These ten little-known facts about shampooing will leave your hair bouncier and softer than...

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New Beauty Trend: Backwards Hair Washing

The age-old hair mantra of lather, rinse, repeat, may be on the out as more and more women are embracing ‘reverse washing’ – using conditioner before shampoo. By washing your locks ‘backwards’ shampooing at the end leaves her...


How To: Revive Your Winter Hair

Is the crazy and sporadic Winter season drying out your hair? Here are two spa-worthy, simple and effective DIY treatment to breathe some life back into your strands. The Polar Vortex won’t stand a chance!! Frizz...