Brighten Hair Instantly

Kate Beckinsale, a bombshell actress, knows who she is. She keeps her natural curl, knows to add makeup sparringly, and chooses tone colors to accentuate her honey toned skin.

The natural-looking woman never deviates but a few degrees from her natural hair color, striking her as an astounding beauty. Toning and highlighting her shiny hair adds to her voluptuousness and here’s how to achieve that gorgeous set of hair yourself with just a few easy and natural steps!

Most brown shades will lighten naturally with exposure to sunlight, and they will develop red and blonde tints depending on each individuals genetic makeup. Since the winter season does not allow for the best sun exposure (unless you’re vacationing in the Caribbean – lucky you!), try the next step for better results.

Dilute lemon juice with water and rub the mixture into your dry hair. Leave it in for a few hours, then rinse it out. Repeating this lemon juice step over several days will work well as a natural highlighter. Do not over use as the acidity will weaken your follicle strand.

Lastly, try using a black tea rinse to highlight the dark locks. Brew and let cool a cup of black tea and use as a rinse after your shampoo/conditioner regime in the shower.


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