Breast Cancer & Smoking — New Studies Emerge

A new report emerged this morning: Research shows that both smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke appear to increase the risk for breast cancer among women.

The researchers found that women who smoked had a 16% increased risk of developing breast cancer. Among women who quit, the increased risk was 9%. The greatest risk being for women who had smoked for 50 years or longer. The risk was also high for women who started smoking when they were teenagers. Even after quitting, the risk continued for up to 20 years. 

Obervation gave evidence that extensive exposure to passive smoking may raise the risk of breast cancer. Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke for more than 10 years as children, more than 20 years as adults at home and more than 10 years at work had a 32% increased risk of developing breast cancer.

It is only now that women who started smoking in large numbers are getting to the age where the risk of breast cancer is getting high.

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