BITCOIN DRAMA – Following the death of Autumn Radtke – Alleged Founder Denies Ties with BITCOIN

Earlier today, Newsweek dropped a bombshell story that supposedly unmasked the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, which most believed was the pseudonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto.” But according to the story, Nakamoto is no pseudonym. Reporter Leah  McGrath Goodman claims he’s a man with that name living in a modest home in Temple City, Calif. He has vehemently denied the report, and says he was misunderstood when the reporter confronted him at his doorstep. “I got nothing to do with it,” he told the AP.


Now, another video has emerged of Nakamoto, where he denies any involvement, citing his modest home as evidence. Gadi Schwartz, a reporter with NBC Southern California, has a short video of Nakamoto where he seems rather incredulous at the mention he could be worth $400 million.

“I have a 94-year-old mother in there, I am taking care of her,” he  says. “I don’t have a maid, I don’t have a gardener. You think I’m capable of making or having $400 million dollars and live in this house?”

While Newsweek and Goodman are standing by the story, it looks like it’s one person’s word against the other. But as The Wire’s Sara Morrison notes, Goodman never found any conclusive link to Bitcoin, just plenty of circumstantial evidence.

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